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    No matter your needs when it comes to fake grass, Artificial Grass Pros of Denver is always available to help. We provide a vast selection of synthetic turf products that looks and feels natural. Please contact us or complete the online form for your free quote.

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    Why spend your whole weekend working in the garden, watering and mowing the lawn? Or why pay a fortune for the upkeep of your yard at the office building? Instead, contact Artificial Grass Pros to help install fake grass to remove all these problems.

    We can provide vast solutions to relax over weekends and save money for businesses. You can then sit back and enjoy the company of family and friends. Or spend your money on other essential things. The fake grass looks and feels like natural grass. Residential turf.The only difference is it lasts longer and is low maintenance to upkeep.

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    “The Artificial Grass Pros team provided exceptional service with excellent products. They did a fantastic job installing a roofscape for us on our flat roof.”

    Contact Artificial Grass Pros of Denver today for all your fake grass needs.

    “We were initially skeptical that the artificial grass would not look or feel real. But, to our surprise, after talking and feeling a sample provided by Artificial Grass Pros, it felt and looked real. We are not disappointed with the work; even our dogs love it.”

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    Do you have a flat roof at your office or home? Why not create a fantastic roofscape where people can sit and relax to view the city from high? With artificial grass, you can turn your roof into a tropical jungle where everyone can see the city's breathtaking views.

    Whether a house or office building, installing fake grass on the flat roof will provide many benefits, it will provide coolness in summer and warmth in winter. The best part is it is eco-friendly and needs no water.

    With our dedicated team, you can turn your rooftop into unique landscaping to add patio furniture, live plants, and more.